Do I have to pay fees upfront?

Mortgage Taylors Ltd don’t charge a fee upfront but some lenders charge an arrangement fee to cover the cost of setting up a mortgage, the lender may also charge a booking fee upon application and this is usually non-refundable, even if the mortgage doesn’t go ahead however you may also be able to source some lenders that will be fee free.

Valuation fee’s and legal fees may also be charged, these will be in addition to paying for your own conveyancing work and any other surveys you get to assess the property’s value but again we may be able to find these without a cost to yourselves.

If the most suitable product to fit your needs do carry these fee’s some lenders will allow you to add these fee’s to your overall mortgage debt, but this will work out more expensive in the long run than paying up front, due to the interest charged on the fees.

  • Adding mortgage fees to your loan will cost more in the long run than paying them up front