Fee structure

As directly authorised and fully professional mortgage advisers we are a fee charging company.
The precise amount will depend upon your circumstances typical examples are below:-

Standard case including buy to let (no adverse)

1% of the Mortgage applied

Min (£495)

Max (£1995)

Specialist lending

5% of the mortgage applied.

Min (£1295)

Max (£2695)

First time buyers (not owned a property in last 12 months)

10% discount.

Equity release / Lifetime Mortgages

2% of the Equity release / Lifetime mortgage. (Minimum fee £1595)

+ Reviewable Service

+ 0.5%

Min (£295) – Max (£1295)

• MTL will only charge an administration fee of up to £295 for our ongoing reviewable services if this option is taken.  This applies to the property on which the mortgage is being arranged and is only transferable to a new property following a sale and purchase.

Commercial Mortgages and Bridging loans

The above fee structure is applicable to residential and Buy to let mortgages only.  Commercial mortgages will be charged on a case by case basis but typically 1% of the loan  (minimum fee £995)

Mortgage Taylors May in certain circumstances charge upfront non refundable fees, this will be advised and disclosed by your adviser as part of your terms of business and any disclose / illustrations.